Terms of voucher
1) This voucher cannot be used in any of our special offers in which we offer throughout the year.
2) The Voucher we offer is subject to our availability due to high demands in our services in relation to dates and times required. We will do our very best to accommodate you.
3) This voucher cannot be used alongside any other party organisers unless discussed with ourselves before booking.
4) Only one voucher can be used at any one time.
5) The voucher must be signed and returned back to ourselves with the booking form in order to secure your booking with us.
6) Even though the vouchers we offer are back to back, you will only be allowed to purchase one of these vouchers for your booking.
7) A deposit of 25 is still required for this to secure your booking and will be expected to be paid through postal order, cheque or through pay pal account as we take no responsibility for cash getting misplaced or lost in the post.

You should only use this if your booking has been confirmed by us.

25.00 Deposit Payment (Party)
10.00 Deposit Payment (Mascot)

Pay your deposit using a Credit/Debit Card through Paypal.